Bealls Credit Card


When you are always looking for a store that has clothing options that are acceptable for an entire family you have probably become a frequent shopper of Bealls. Whether you know it or not, Bealls also offers their Bealls Credit Card as a way to make your shopping experience just a little more interesting. What is so interesting with their Bealls Credit Card is that they really have found their own special way of being able to make their customers know that they are thinking of them. They are offering rewards not only for Christmas but for Birthdays also.

Also, as one of the added bonuses of this card, they have made it to where you are even able to have a sneak peek into their sales before they become official to the open public. Them making sure that you know their sales in this way make it a lot easier and likely that you as their valued customer will be shopping either in their sale event or will be first in line to get your items you have waited for. Pretty much everyone starts out with only the preferred card level of the Bealls Credit Card. After you have achieved using your Bealls Credit Card to spend $750 or more within a calendar year, you get upgraded to being one of their platinum card members.

As a platinum card member, your added benefits will include being able to always get gift wrapping free all year round as well as free shipping on special orders and online purchases. Also, with the platinum card your coupons received with Bealls will double from what they were when you had the preferred card. With the preferred card you are only going to receive money-saving coupons six times out of the year. Then, with the platinum card instead of the $10 you would receive as a gift for your birthday, you will receive $20 for your birthday instead. These types of offerings are not usually made to this effect by retailers. These things they have included in their Bealls Credit Card are what really make this card a standout if you are able to get hold of one of their cards. Most of their shoppers are online since there aren't many physical stores left anymore. This is why having the platinum card status would be a greater benefit because at least you will be able to save on the shipping costs of your large purchases.

In the end, their Bealls Credit Card isn't the best of the best but it's definitely one for the books because of how they at least have made effort to try to acknowledge their customers on a bit more of a personal level. If you are already shopping Bealls then it should make the most sense in the world for you to just go ahead and apply for the Bealls Credit Card. When the money is going to be spent anyway, may as well gin some rewards for what you are doing, right? Just keep your payments in good standing with them and you will never even have to concern yourself with their APR so much.